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History of Ship Building or Boat Building


Ship building or boat building can be traced so far back that it is evidence of their existences even before history began being recorded. It is the process in which either a ship or a boat is being constructed. It involves the help of many people and a large area in which to build the ship or boat.

A ship is one of the largest water type vessels designed. It can carry many people and support a lot of equipment. A ship is designed for deep water navigation. A boat is defined as any vessel that can transport people or items across water. It can be very large or extremely small and boats come in all types of designs.

A Look at Early Ships and Boat Building

The art of ship building or boat building has been around for centuries. There is evidence that ships and boats were used for transportation as far back as the early Egyptians. They used treenails to tie together the wood and a substance called “pitch” for the seams. This is just one example of how ships were made in ancient times.

Eventually, the ships and boats began to take on new shape to add stability. New architecture designs started to develop to make them more durable and safer. Newer and faster ways of propelling them through the water was also developed. Oars were the original way to force a boat or ship through the water. The more oars it was designed with the faster it could move. Of course, the more oars it had, the more people were needed to use them. Many times slaves were forced to take on this task.

Over time iron was added into the construction of ship building or boat building to add strength and durability. By the ending of the 19th century wrought iron began to take the place of iron in the construction of these vessels. Although wood still remained the primary material used for ship building or boat building.

Modern Ships and Boats

During the twentieth century the construction of ship building or boat building has changed tremendously. New technology has opened up doors to make it possible to build ships and boats in a way that were never dreamed of before. They are sturdier and more durable than ever imagined. New lightweight materials have been designed to help increase speed and buoyancy in the water.

All sizes are still available from the small one person boat to the enormous cruise ships that people love spending time on. The new motor designs are built for speed and endurances. Much of ship building or boat building is done in separate areas and then parts are sent to the final destination to be assembled together instead of being done all in one location like it was in the past. Ship and boat designs have certainly come a long way throughout the years.

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